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Busted: John Dumelo lies about paying hall fees for Legon student

Actor turned politician, John Dumelo has been caught in a web of lies after he took to his Twitter account to declare that he had paid the accommodation (hall) fees of a needy University of Ghana student.

It is no news that the economic situation has been a little tough as students are finding it hard to pay their school fees as well as hostel fees. So when a supposed female UG student took to a Twitter account (which we have found to be fake), to thank John Dumelo for helping her to settle her debts it came as no surprise to many. The fake account, @Enyonamm1 tweeted;

Thank you @johndumelo1 for sorting my accommodation issue… God richly bless you,”

The NDC aspirant for the Ayawaso West Wuogon parliamentary seat took to his Twitter account to reply the tweet. He tweeted;

“you are most welcome. I am working hard to resolve the issues for he rest of your friends.#idey4u.“


In response the account tweeted back;

I can now go and rest… Am just so happy…#UG. This accommodation issue is just something else,” 

Well, it turns out that it was all a sham as the account is a fake account created probably by John Dumelo’s campaign team only a few days ago to front as needy student of the university so John Dumelo can ‘help’ her and secure votes for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

A Twitter user @kafzz_z has called the aspiring politician out as a fraud, saying he had stolen her cousin’s picture to front as a needy student who had received help from John Dumelo. A clear case of identity theft.

She tweeted;

Mr.Dumelo please this account is a fake and it’s being used to tarnish my cousins image. I don’t know anything about this accomation issue but please just note that this account is a fake. Thank you,”


It appears John Dumelo is not different from all the other politicians as once again he has been caught in his web of lies.

John Dumelo on three occasions has displayed dubious behaviors not suitable for a person who intends to be in public office. The three occasions include, the V8 saga, saying he was drained from the NDC primaries and making a U-turn and now lying about paying hall fees for a student.

After displaying such questionable traits, is John Dumelo indeed suited for public office? Well, let’s see what happens in the 2020 parliamentary elections.


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