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The Price Of Wendy Shay’s Jeep Has Finally Been Revealed

Few weeks ago, Wendy Shay was asked to account for all the things she has acquired since she came to the music industry.

She listed IPhone, IPad, credit cards and calculator as the basic things she has been able to acquire. Though she was being sincere, she was severely criticized by many Ghanaians for giving a shallow answer, hmmmm.

That was as usual, another bad week for Wendy Shay.

However, just as we have always predicted, Wendy Shay cannot be tamed. She is no dull girl. She has her own way of silencing her critics and she has done It with actions, not just words.

Wendy Shay has not only bought a jeep Wrangler, she also customized it with her name, SHAY.

Many people have already seen the car but have you bothered to know the price?

According to cars.com/research/jeep/ , jeep wrangler cost between $18,000 and $31,000.

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