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‘Zig-zag’ Adenta footbridge safe, well engineered; let’s use it – MTTD Boss

The Director of Education & Research at the Motor Traffic and Transport Department(MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, Supt. Alexander Obeng has described the first completed footbridge on the Madina-Adentan Highway as one of the best engineered and safest in the country contrary to public complaints.

One of the six footbridges on the Madina-Adentan Highway has been completed and opened for use but residents are disappointed about the nature of the bridge claiming it is too long and zig-zag.

Many people have since taken to social media to ridicule the footbridge.

It is expected that construction of the footbridges will bring to an end the several vehicular knock downs of people on the Madina-Adentan Highway, which caused series of protests.

Commenting on the nature of the bridge, Supt. Alexander Obeng urged the public to cease the complaints as make use of the facility to avoid needless deaths.

He noted that it is professionally and functionally located and these are very important things, adding that the nature of this bridge will make it difficult for people to jaywalk.

“This is one of the best edifices Ghana has made and I’m saying this because it is consistent with our National Road Safety Strategy 3, that talks about safer roads that will ensure safer mobility. This bridge will serve many vulnerable road users including children, physically challenged, the blind, those who travel at night among others.

“In the past, we lost a lot of lives before this bridge has been constructed let us not discourage the use of it. I plead that we tone down on our complaints and comments that will discourage people from using it. If this bridge will not serve the one who will walk, what about the one who’ll want to run, what about the one pushing the hand truck, what about the one who’s sitting in a wheelchair. The country cannot satisfy all of us at the same time, we must sacrifice one way or the other for each and every one of us and let’s move on. We fought for it, we advocated for it, it has come, it is time for us to use it let us proceed,” Supt. Obeng added.


Source: kasapafmonline.com

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